In Heavyland we travel slow

Beneath the weight of heavy air

And carry in a haversack

A weighty load called Earthly care


Assailing us without relent

Discomfort is our waking fate

But still we hope, and strive to find

A life in which our pain abates


But if your aim is comfort here

You’ll find your comfort somewhat cold

In life discomfort is the norm-

Increasingly as we grow old


And yet the World is not unkind

A rich redemption can be found

Within the cracks of daily pain

Where meaning, joy and love abound


So don’t surrender to despair

You have a purpose here on Earth

Which, when remembered and fulfilled,

Will demonstrate your vital worth


And when your mission is complete

You’ll rise above the world of weight

Awakened from this heavy night

To find yourself where all is light