Mind Unbrained

The brain shut down, the mind, released,

Awakened in another realm,

Is liberated and increased,

And, inundated, overwhelmed,

Perceives its old life just below,

Though knowing that it is removed

And, that although it shares the space,

Now disembodied, there is

Nothing it can do upon the Earth.

And so it drifts away from here,

Progressing toward the distant Light,

Still marvelling, still filled with awe,

A newborn in another life,

It sees anew, more clearly now

What late it saw world-wearily

With blinkered eyes in monochrome;

And realizes that it’s not

A fragile flame that briefly burns

To be extinguished and forgot,

But is an ever-burning fire

That sparks and flares to life and blazes

Burns, grows weak, goes dim until

Unbound from here, burns elsewhere still



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