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    • By all means please do. It’s nice to get a comment that’s not spam. I had about 250 poems up on the blog but removed them a while back and there are just three there now.

      I have put together a collection which I have called Alfie Poems (title track below). Do you accept submissions for consideration?

      With kind regards,

      Peter Duff
      Dublin, Ireland
      tel: 00 353 87 6791439

      Alfie’s Answer

      “What’s it all about, Alfie?” – Hal David

      Not selfish pleasure, as I thought, but love
      For isolated pleasures quickly sour
      Love feeds a hunger nothing else avails
      The power of love all others overpowers
      And love is needed in the giving too
      For giving love gives more than may appear
      From love nothing but goodness emanates
      In this one virtue many more inhere
      Forgiveness, patience, kindness, thoughtfulness
      Compassion, honour, gentleness, respect
      Love is a light that never dissipates
      But propagates, diffuses and reflects
      And though by love received is life made sweet
      It is in giving love we are complete

      © Peter Duff 2012

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