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I publish a different poem on dailypoem.net each weekday.  Many of them arise out of the ideas that often preoccupy me when I am not doing my work as a solicitor such as for example the facts of human psychology and how they affect our thinking and behaviour.  Most of the poems fall into one of the following catagories and will be archived accordingly:  Psychology, Philosophy, Science, Power, Justice, Argument and Debate, and Language.  Feel free to leave comments on the poems and the ideas they express.  I hope you enjoy dailypoem.net.


Peter Duff

2 thoughts on “About dailypoem.net

  1. Peter, I just visited your site first time, Colm having forwarded me your poem on ‘The Loaded Question’. What wonderful stuff. Read your piece on Russell too and your poem about sitting on the fence. Congrats. Will be back soon for more inspiration. Best rgards, Ronan

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