The beauty queen Anita used to sing

But then she ventured into politics:

Were homosexuality the norm

God would have made Adam and Bruce, she said

But that was not as witty as it seemed

No one had said that gayness was the norm

Least of all gays, who know it can feel queer

When those who disapprove condemn and sneer

Moreover, it implies by way of sleight

That that which is not normal is not right

And that is wrong, for we all know that gay

Though not the norm, is nonetheless okay

And as there never was an Eve or Adam

Miss Bryant’s reductio was ab absurdum


And sure enough some people weren’t amused

Anita suffered threats and was abused

And many, homosexual and straight

Were filled with rancor and selfrighteous hate:

We liberals don’t like it when you say

That being gay is not the normal way

And if you won’t be quiet but persist

We’ll make it hell for you to just exist

Till you renounce your homophobic ways

Admit that it is normal to be gay

We’ll tell you that your children are not safe

Send voodoo dolls and messages of hate

For speaking free is not for fascist types

Just liberals like us who know what’s right



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